About Us

At Bilal Academy:

  • We provide religious support to the community ranging from revert support, workshops and conferences on various aspects of Islam. 
  • We provide educational support both religious and secular to our community members of all ages 
  • We provide solutions to the social needs of the community ranging from venue hire for special occasions, funeral support and social get together events for the elderly.
  • We provide health and wellbeing support ranging from mental health support, health awareness session and fitness classes and InshaAllah much more to come. 
  • We provide an avenue for members of the community to better themselves through self-rectification and spiritual discourses. Better individuals make a better community. 


Below is some information regarding some of our projects and services:


Childrens evening Quran and Islamic Education classes (Madrassah/Maktab)

The evening Maktab is for children aged 4 and older using the Safar Academy Islamic studies syllabus. Teaching children the fundamental aspects of Islam in a fun and interactive way in a classroom setting. 

Hifz Class

Quran Memorisation from start to finish for young boys who have adequately completed study of recitation of the Quran. 

Aalimiyaah Class (Further Islamic Education)

The in-depth study of Islamic Theology ONLY FOR GIRLS AGED 13 ONWARDS. 

Tajweed Classes for sisters

Classes for females teaching the proper recitation of The Quran. Classes will cover from the basics in pronunciation of the Arabic letters to the rules and etiquettes of recitation. 

Community – Social – Health and Wellbeing

Covid-19 outreach, support and engagement project

Bilal Academy endeavour to provide support sessions and one to one counselling through zoom and phone calls in response to the marital issues, deterioration of mental health and also general health and wellbeing and the bereavement crises all of which directly related to and arising from the current pandemic.

To tackle the misconceptions regarding Covid-19 itself and the associated vaccination program, we will produce various types of material (videos, leaflets and messages) translated and delivered in the English, Urdu, Gujarati, Pashtu, Bangladeshi and Punjabi/Mirpuri languages. We will also hold some live sessions addressing Covid-19 and the vaccine program, delivering factual and relatable information and advice to our community and through this also bring people from our community together rebuilding confidence levels and sense of belonging and in turn tackling loneliness and social isolation by allowing people to understand that they are not alone in the struggles that they are facing.

Mental Health Support Sessions

Free anonymous support sessions with a qualified and experienced Consultant Psychologist.

 Monthly, Friday evening online drop in sessions

20 min slots for Q&A, discussion and chat. 

It’s ok not to be ok. We are here to listen, and help positive change. Balancing religious and mental health needs. 

Elderly Tea/Coffee afternoons

A time and a place for the elders of the community to have hot drinks and snacks whilst also having an opportunity to socialise with others in the community

Ladies Fitness and Exercise Classes

A private and comfortable space for our sisters in the community who are looking to improve their health alongside other sisters with likeminded aims.

Marriage Counselling

Help for couples going through marital issues provided by an experienced and qualified Islamic Scholar. 

Function Hall /Meeting Room Hire

At Bilal Academy we have a function hall, meeting rooms and all the associated facilities available for hire. These hiring options have been newly designed and refurbished making them perfectly fit for purpose.

Ask an Imam

Bilal Academy will be more than happy to answer any questions, queries or uncertainties you may have regarding Islamic matters or Islamic rulings,

Future Planned Activities

  • Youth Club 
  • Revert Classes  
  • Food Bank 
  • Social Welfare sessions and support for the less privileged 
  • IT Classes  
  • School support classes  
  • And much more… (more details to be released soon) 

For further information regarding any of the above you can take a look at our ‘Services’ page above or please contact us using the form or us directly the details found on the contact us page.

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