Hifz Class

Classes focused on Quran Memorisation from start to finish. These classes are currently for boys who have adequately completed the study of reading and reciting the Quran.

Our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Whoever reads the Quran, memorizes it, regards it’s permissible as permissible and it’s impermissible as impermissible, Allah will enter him into Jannah and allow him to intercede for ten family members, who were destined for Jahannam”.

Timings: Monday to Friday – 5:00pm till 7:00pm

Fees – £50 per month

If you are interested in a place at the Academy please fill in an application form and return it to the Bilal Academy office. Any enquiries please call:  07507 785181 or  07877 414784

Or please contact our Hifz Class Department on:

Telephone No: 07507 785181

Email: maktab@bilalacademy.org.uk

For further information please contact us using the form or directly using the contact details found on the contact us page.

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