Tajweed Classes for Adult Sisters

These classes have been introduced for our hard working mothers and sisters who want to improve the standard of their Quranic recitation. Classes will start at beginners’ level correcting commonly found errors in the foundations of Quranic recitation. The Tajweed classes will cover the basics in pronunciation of the Arabic letters and continue through to the rules and etiquette of recitation of the Quran itself. These classes will be taught by a  female expert in Quranic recitation. 

Our Prophet Muhammad said : “The expert reciter of the Qur’an will have the same rank as the noble and honorable scribe-angels, and the one who reads it but struggles and finds it hard will receive double reward.” [Bukhari]

Timings – 2pm – 3pm every Wednesday 

Fees – £1.50 per session 

For further information please contact us using the form or directly using the contact details found on the contact us page.

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